Interview with Line Producer Alton Walpole (Crazy Heart, The Spirit, Baraka)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

A unit production manager (UPM) is responsible for the administration of a feature film or TV production.

A line producer is a type of film producer that functions as the key manager during the daily operations of a feature film, television film or an episode of a TV show.

I was honored to sit down with a veteran in the industry who simply knows how to put all of the right pieces together to make a great film. He’s been credited on working as a Line Producer and/or Unit Production Manager on over 40 productions, which, anyone in the biz will tell you, are the toughest jobs in the Film/TV industry. The amazing part of that is that he sometimes does both jobs at once in a single production.

alton_walpole.jpgMatthew Toffolo: You’ve worked on over 50 productions in the last 35 years, do you have a film or two that you’re most…

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