Movie Review: EDGAR’S INVENTION, USA, Comedy/Sci-Fi

Zany, whimsical and based on a true story, we follow Edgar- a struggling scientist doing everything he can to make an invention that will better the world. Putting all his energy into waterproof socks yields surprising results- he may not invent ever-dry material, but he might invent something that will delight children for generations to come.


Comical with it’s slightly over-the-top shtick but all the more enjoyable for it’s fantastical elements  (Lava lamps in the basement laboratory, anyone?) EDGAR’S INVENTION is excellent because it is a great example of how to teach history to any audience- Fantastical and fun like “Drunken History” but for kids, this totally family-friendly piece tells a great invention story that all will love.


Review by Kierston Drier

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EDGAR’S INVENTION, 8min., USA, Comedy/Sci-Fi 
Directed by Matt Provenzano

In the year 1950, Edgar Ellington yearns to invent something meaningful and important, but struggles with his own failures.

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A five-minute gem of a web series, OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN follows a teacher doing her best to do what is right for her primary school students- even when their parents are, well…difficult. A strong comedy concept with exceptional performances OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN will have you in stitches with its relatability, it’s candor and it’s subtle acknowledgment of how soul-crushing it can be to work in the educational institution.  


OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN is an absolute delight. A strong, colorful and vibrant web series absolutely worth jump into to see more! Check out this awesome web series that never fails to delight and entertain!


Review by Kierston Drier

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Directed by Anna Maria Hozian & Brad RiddellMargot Antler is a rookie second-grade teacher about to experience the insanity of parent/teacher conferences for the first time!

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LEGAL FOX is a three-minute reality-style comedy web series where an (absolutely stunning) attorney tackles bite-sized moments of real legal cases and provides snippets of legal explanations behinds their in’s and outs’. In this episode, our heroine tackles Trump- but nothing too heavy. She discusses the gag’s and spoof cases-  The Onion slandering him in their online publication for example.


Our heroine has it all- brains, beauty, camera appeal and excellent poise under pressure. Clearly a learned host, she takes on legal issues and explains them to the laymen is a fun and easily digestible format. A delight to watch and a gem to subscribe to.

Review by Kierston Drier

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LEGAL FOX: A TASTE OF TRUMP, 3min., USA Drama/Comedy
Directed by Ken Lin

No matter what your political party affiliation we all can agree Donald Trump has been involved in some bizarre legal battles! Here we highlight a couple of our all-time favorites.

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TV Review: CROW’S PEAK, USA, TV WEB SERIES/Animation/Comedy

A four-minute USA animation web series, this cute and innocent cartoon follows a young vampire and his Frankenstein’s’ Monster friend, that get invited to a party that goes south. They think they are going to a party that will boost their social standing- but they are actually in danger of being hunted, and mounted on the Host’s wall.


Bright, colorful, full of wonderful voice acting and adorable antics what really sets this piece apart is its fantastic structure. In four short minutes we see an episode that has stakes, goals, a setup, themes, motives, and a gun in act one that goes off in act three- all while being humorous, cute and fun for all ages. In four minutes, that is an absolute feat. A wonderful web series that ensure many giggles, CROWS PEAK is a delight to watch.

Review by Kierston Drier

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CROW’S PEAK, 4min., USA, TV WEB SERIES/Animation/Comedy
Directed by John McDonaldDrake and Frank learn a valuable life lesson after being invited to a party.

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This sweet and comical eight-minute Canadian web series comes follows one Alpha female and her sweet shy friend Terri as they navigate a meet-cute gone awry. After utterly bombing trying to get a cute guy’s attention by “accidentally on purpose” stealing his hat, Amber convinces her friend that she needs to end her long distance relationship and join her for a girls’ Night.


What is most enjoyable about this comedy, is the character-chemistry that carries the show. The antics are just slightly over the top for the modern millennial and the result is like looking into a funhouse-mirror version of a 20-somethings Instagram account.


Big, bright, loud and awkward this piece is still relatable to all ages. Although this piece is certainly about millennials, every generation can relate to wanting to bust free of the “modern humans” rutt and break the mould of their own life. Join the ride with COOL GIRLS and watch them take on the world- one crazy hurdle at a time.

Review by Kierston Drier

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Directed by Laura Commisso, Sarah Campbell

After a tragic “breakup” with her love interest, James, Amber convinces Terri to end her long distance relationship with Tom. In turn, the two decide to throw an emergency girls night. Amber preps Terri for the occasion.

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SOUNDS OF FREEDOM is an emotional film about two people, touched by war and violence, who both suffer from PTSD from their experiences. This USA web series is a strong reminder of the human cost of war- beyond the statistics of death and the tragedy of loss of life- SOUNDS OF FREEDOM will remind you that many battle scars cannot be seen. Director Holly Chadwick does an excellent job of utilizing both sound and silence as characters that act upon our heroes- bringing them right back to the horror they’ve experienced.


In only five minutes, we are taken on the painful roller coaster of what it means to be psychologically scarred by violence. The medium of film has been effectively used to create the sense of static panic and helplessness felt by sufferers of PTSD. Dramatic, thought-provoking and powerful, SOUNDS OF FREEDOM will rock you.  

Review by Kierston Drier

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Directed by Holly ChadwickSounds of Freedom is a web series about Julia, a service woman who returns from the Iraq war, and Vietnam Veteran Charlie. Both suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. From their jobs at the local newspaper, and through a series of flashbacks and sessions with a common therapist, these two veterans are challenged to the max when a serial killer strikes at home.

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Interview with Actor Miranda Millar

Interview by Kierston Drier:

KD: Tell me a little about yourself? What inspired you to pursue a career in acting and performance?

MM: I don’t remember first time I was on stage because I was three years old! At four I started dance. You may have guessed, my parents are actor/writer/directors. They never pushed me, but gave me the opportunity to try it out to see if I enjoyed it. I obviously did.

KD: To date, what has been the defining role of your career. Why?

MM: This is a tough one.. I would have to go with my film Perfect for a few reasons; In this film, I play twins. It’s a unique challenge, playing two different people opposite each other. It’s a silent film, which means everything has to be communicated in the eyes, facial expressions, and body language. Also, the twins are violinists. I’ve played violin since I was a little kid, so being able to marry two of my passions in one project was especially gratifying!

KD: What are some of the most exciting projects you are working on right now?

MM: I have a couple projects in the works- one that films in Italy, and another in the states, and hopefully I can share more on those soon! I recently wrapped the first season of Six City. At the moment, I’m filming the horror series Raveage. Imagine Mr. Robot went on a Purge- lots of scary stuff ahead!

KD: Tell me more about Six city- what’s the most engaging thing about it?

MM: I’ve always really liked six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon type of films. I love seeing the small and not-so-small ways lives are intertwined and affect each other. Six City is exactly that, using the backdrop of Toronto to explore the intersecting nightlife, crime, and police force. My character Serena is a bisexual club go-er who may seem all fun and parties on the outside, but has a whole separate private life that her friends don’t know about yet…

KD: What are you most looking forward to with these new projects? What excites you most about Six City? About Raveage?

MM: I’m excited to delve deeper into Serena’s story, and for the audience to get to see just how far her story expands. Much like Six City, the world Courtney and Jennifer James have created is also connected to Raveage. Raveage is cool because it expands on the set up of Six City- it takes place in the same world. Serena is an even bigger lead in this next chapter, following her steep emotional journey and her ties to the worlds of politics, crime, and of course, love.

KD: Where can we find these new projects?

MM: Six City will be permiere in November on Facebook, and other media platforms after that. You can follow along for Six City here: and here:

Raveage is currently in production, but to stay up to date you can follow on Facebook here: and here:

miranda miller 2.png
Six City stills of Serena- Admit One Productions

KD: Describe your process. How do you get into the headspace of a really difficult character?

MM: It begins with text analysis. Getting everything I can from the pages provided to me. If the character has a specific job, or past, it helps to research if I’m unfamiliar with being, say, a surgeon. What are the hours like? What are the success rates of the types of surgery I do? How does that affect me, my mental state, my relationships? Even if my character is never at work on screen, the job will affect my home life. Knowing everything I can about my character makes it easier to be them in a believable way.

KD: What has been your most challenging role?

MM: My role on the hit Canadian show Murdoch Mysteries was challenging in a number of ways. It was exhausting because Amy MacFarlane (my character) experiences a lot of panic- and panic is draining on the performer. At one point in the season 7 premiere, I had my arms tied behind my back, I was gagged, and wearing a woolen dress – all under rushing water. It’s a lot going on.

KD: What has been the hardest part of being a professional actress? What is the most rewarding?

MM: The hardest part is the sometimes uncontrollable schedule. Over the span of two weeks, I was working on a movie full-time at night, and filming IRL: The Series during the day. On the weekends, I had scheduled a few other shoots. None of it could be moved. One ‘day,’ I was up for 40 hours working on three different projects. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to space things out, and give every project the time it deserves. But, you just have to plow ahead and do your best. When it rains, it pours. There are so many rewarding aspects. Like, finishing the two weeks mentioned above. And watching your finished product come to life, with everyone else’s work coming together. It’s a very bonding experience.

KD: Apart from performance, what else are you passionate about?

MM: I have a very deep love for fantasy novels. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and a really great novel. It’s one of my favourite forms of escapism. I love being able to bring a world in my bag, and jump into it whenever I can. I’m passionate about the environment- finding ways to keep and reuse materials I have, upcycling and recycling. I can’t wait until plastic is a thing of the past.

KD: What is next on the books for you, Miranda?

MM: After I finish filming Raveage, I’ll be heading down to LA next year for pilot season. I’m so excited for this next adventure!

KD: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this industry, looking to be a professional performer as well?

MM: If you want to work on set, become a PA or work as an extra. It’s not just about the performance aspect, you need to know if you actually enjoy the environment you’ll be spending 12-17 hours a day in. Learn by helping. If you want to make your own projects, make connections by helping other filmmakers first. You can’t call in a favor you haven’t earned. Take classes, and don’t be afraid to suck. You will probably suck. But knowing what not to do is just as important as learning what you can be doing. And if you want it badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen.

miranda miller 1.jpg
headshot credit- Denise Grant Photography